How to make an API request:

/products/<UPC>.json?api_key=<API key>&email=<Account Email>&power=<Your Microwave's Power (Watts)>

The power parameter will calculate cooking times based on the original power.

Example Request:


Example Response:

  upc: "9310182300012",
  brand: "Trident",
  name: "Hot and Spicy Two Minute Noodles",
  created_at: "2013-07-01T04:23:52.091Z",
  updated_at: "2013-07-01T04:23:52.091Z",
  original_power: 700,
  power: 700,
  steps: [
      action: "Cook",
      time: 120,
      power: "high"
      action: "Stand",
      time: 60